Sweet Occasions by Charlotte

​Handmade cakes and treats for any occasion​​​​


All cupcakes are made fresh to order. Orders can be made in boxes of 4, 6, 12 or 24.
  1. Forero Rocher - £2 Each
    Forero Rocher - £2 Each
    Moist chocolate cake baked with a Forero Rocher hidden in the middle. Topped with chocolate Nutella frosting, garnished with yes another forero rocher and sprinkled with gold glitter.
  2. Superhero box of 12 - £21
    Superhero box of 12 - £21
    12 vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Each topper is handmade and features x2 superman, x2 Spider-Man, x2 hulk, x2 captain America, x2 batman and x2 ironman.
  3. Turkish flag cupcakes
    Turkish flag cupcakes
  4. 30th Birthday cupcakes
    30th Birthday cupcakes
  5. Irish themed cupcakes
    Irish themed cupcakes
  6. Baby boy shower cupcakes
    Baby boy shower cupcakes
  7. Pink and yellow £1.75 each
    Pink and yellow £1.75 each
    Lemon flavoured cupcakes with pink and yellow fondant toppers.
  8. Retirement cupcakes
    Retirement cupcakes
  9. My little pony - £1.75 each
    My little pony - £1.75 each
    Cupcakes with edible sugar paper topper
  10. Simplicity £1.75 each
    Simplicity £1.75 each
  11. Father's Day - £1.75 each
    Father's Day - £1.75 each